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Tori Forsyth and The Spurs - Exclusive Debut Album Preview

25 Jan 2018 - The Welder's Dog


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A lover of yesteryear, with a musical maturity far beyond her 22 years, Tori had no idea that working split shifts, 7 days a week to save for her debut EP would pay such dividends. For her, it’s all about the magic of creation.\

Now living for and on the road, Tori travels the country sharing her moody, intelligent, yet catchy blend of country music.

Described as being ‘A flower child picked straight out of a Woodstock festival’ and ‘Exuding a 70’s sound with pieces of each era, blended into a modern twist’, audiences far and wide have been connecting with the music, leading to Tori’s 2nd single ‘Black Bird’ becoming the Hottest Track of 2016 on the KIX Country Network. No mean feat for a small town girl who spent most of her childhood working on the family farm rather than following the crowd.


A trip to the USA and extensive song writing and co-writing around Australia has helped Tori to create a collection of songs that has become her highly-anticipated Debut Album, due for release early 2018.

Don’t miss hearing the debut album, start to finish with her band The Spurs FIRST.


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