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27 Jan 2018 - The Longyard Hotel

Four of the biggest names ever in country music were legendary as the super group The Highwaymen and individually Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson are today still regarded as four of the greatest country music stars of all time. 

In a time when opinions of what is truly country music has become the subject of much debate, there emerges one show that remains true to the core of what we remember as being the country music we have grown up with and loved for years.

Australia’s own - Bruce McCumstie (Wille), Rob Wilson (Waylon), Alan Bowles (Johnny) & Bryen Willems (Kris), have joined together to pay homage to these great legends and have faithfully recreated the memories of those highly successful “Highwaymen” tours across Australia. All four artists are seasoned country music entertainers and present a world-class performance together with their live band.


They have patrons acclaiming “the best thing since the real Highwaymen came to town” and “I saw The Highwaymen live and this show is every bit as good as the originals” and “so close to the real thing”. The most treasured comment of them all came from Willie’s daughter, Amy, who happened to be in the audience one night for a Sydney performance and excitedly exclaimed “I thought I was dreaming there was my dad a three of his best pals on stage” – what a compliment!

4 HIGHWAYMEN was launched to great acclaim at the 2011 Tamworth Country Music festival and since then has returned to sell-out performances for the following six years (2012 to 2017) at the famous
Longyard Hotel. Their popular shows at the 2012 Gympie Muster broke all records in “The Grove” venue and there wasn’t even any standing room left for the last show either inside or outside the huge marquee
and surrounds. They have also appeared at other festivals to sell-out audiences and are now becoming in high demand at major venues and other events around Australia. The show is also targeted for
international tours in the near future.


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