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20-27 Jan 2018 - North Tamworth Bowling Club


Andrew Clermont's Supper Club turns 20 with a special 100 page Photobook Almanac book launch


The book shows it’s spins between intimate pin drop to 18 piece orchestras whirling out music from many backgrounds from Trad Country & old time & Bluegrass through to epic Dan Fogelberg; swing from Texas to Tarcutta, or immense Sixpence None the Richer (90s) songs plus amazing originals. Then there are all the genres & country(s) music to soar through - Scandinavian to Bulgarian, Irish & Scottish to Applachian & Blues let alone the very fun improvisation when you least expect it plus a splash of Spacegrass!!


Next January we welcome special return of The Beez from Germany – an absolute favourite of The Supper Club. No Holds Barred Fiddle Champ – Stephanie Ead/ Eldridge first appearing over 15 years ago!! Quentin Eyers - session Bass, Piano, Guitar, Mandolinist (SA) who toured much of a decade with Clermont around the world. Garry Steel Piano & Accordian to the Stars! (SYD) who together with his more rustic brother Kirk have wowed us over & over at the Nights of Piano. Old-time Fiddler David Hoffman with a good coupla centuries of family fiddling behind him (NY,USA) Montz Matsumoto - Bluegrass to world Banjo (TAS) – been with the Supper Club well over a decade! String Loaded Family Band (NSW) Scottish to Bluegrass fiddle heaven & golden string section. Jude Iddison fiddler with Clermont for years in WA and our Gloden Fiddle Award Shows. Brookie & Daniel Gillett - Tamworth's own Voice & Singing stars of the Theatre (Wicked – just recently) and long time Supper Club devotees – plus Bass Clarinet to Harp Ukulele ! Rob Long (formerly in The Lawnmowers with Clermont) - Guitar Champ to drums ! (NSW) The Legend Mick Conway joins Rob on Sunday's Ukelele Night. Star Leslie Avril showing her unique piano world! (Sat & Mon 6pm) VIC Appearance from Hester Fraser – Goldheist with Stephanie Ead - extra-ordinary Voice & Piano to share the Piano Night (Thursday) let alone our all week maestro Garry Steel!!


As usual the 6pm shows are a Mix-of-All-the-Nights - Saturday through till Thursday (No Friday 6pm Show but) the tradition of a Huge Bluegrass feature 6pm Sat 28th leading into our Grand Finale at 9pm


And the host of Feature shows at 9pm (doesn’t mean ‘only’ those instruments of course – just more of them!!):


Sat - Hot Fiddle Night
Sun - Ukulele Night - led by Mick Conway 
Mon - Banjo & Oldtime - 
Tue - Girls Night - ah so many - always amazing
Wed - Guitar Night - Rob Long, Andrew Clermont, Quentin Eyers (SA)
Thu - Piano Night
Fri – Australian Celebration Night – Clark Gormley – UnMapping Australia! Plus Phil Hungerford Australian Antics!
Sat - Grand Finale


On sale Friday 1 September at 9am






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